Microsoft is testing its streaming service Project xCloud on PC

Microsoft is testing its streaming service Project xCloud on PC

Microsoft has begun to test its streaming service Project xCloud on Windows 10.

As reported by The Verge, employees have been given access to a preview version of the service on PC. Currently, the staff has access to a selection of games.

To use the platform, consumers will need to use a newly developed Xbox Game Streaming app. The application requires a Bluetooth connection to an Xbox One controller and a Microsoft account.

Xbox game streaming will support the console's games both locally and remotely rather than using xCloud's server blades. However, those testing the service can only 720 streams for the time being.

Microsoft began to test its new service in Canada at the end of January – the first of multiple countries expected to get access this year. In November 2019, a further 50 games were added.

Project xCloud first entered preview in October last year. Currently, there are no plans to bring exclusive titles to the streaming service.

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, Microsoft has seen an increase in users of its Xbox Live service. Furthermore, the company has asked its staff to work from home to try and limit the contraction of the virus.

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