Epic's Sweeney has supported Nvidia's GeForce Now platform

Epic's Sweeney has supported Nvidia's GeForce Now platform

The CEO of Fortnite maker Epic Games Tim Sweeney (pictured) has said that it will be supporting Nvidia's streaming platform GeForce Now.

Taking to Twitter, the exec said that the company has chosen to take part and will be improving how it is integrated as time goes on. Sweeney also said that it is the most friendly streaming platform for developers and publishers so far, with companies not having to give up revenue share to take part.

The Fortnite CEO also took another opportunity to swipe at the Google Play and App Store mobile platforms for their revenue-sharing policies, which Sweeney has long said are too high.

"Epic is wholeheartedly supporting Nvidia's GeForce Now service with Fortnite and with Epic Games Store titles that choose to participate (including exclusives), and we’ll be improving the integration over time," Sweeney said.

"It’s the most developer-friendly and publisher-friendly of the major streaming services, with zero tax on game revenue. Game companies who want to move the game industry towards a healthier state for everyone should be supporting this kind of service!

"Cloud streaming services will also be key players in ending the iOS and Google Play payment monopolies and their 30% taxes. Apple has decreed that these services aren’t allowed to exist on iOS, and therefore aren’t allowed to compete, which is megalomaniacal and won’t stand.

"Just waiting till later this year when Google is lobbying against Apple for blocking Stadia from iOS, while Google blocks GeForce Now, xCloud, and Fortnite from Google Play, and this whole rotten structure begins collapsing in on itself."

This follows Activision, Bethesda and Hinterland pulling their games from the GeForce Now service

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