BioWare confirms that it is reworking Anthem

BioWare confirms that it is reworking Anthem

EA's BioWare studio has revealed its plans to make some huge changes to trouble sci-fi online shooter Anthem.

In a blog post, studio GM Casey Hudson said that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to the fundamentals of the game, with the chief saying that in the coming months BioWare is going to be focused on redesigning the Anthem experience. This follows reports at the end of 2019 that the studio was going to be "revamping" the game.

"Over the last year, the team has worked hard to improve stability, performance and general quality of life while delivering three seasons of new content and features," Hudson wrote.

"We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling end game. So we recognise that there’s still more fundamental work to be done to bring out the full potential of the experience, and it will require a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion. Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards – while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast science-fantasy setting. And to do that properly we’ll be doing something we’d like to have done more of the first time around – giving a focused team the time to test and iterate, focusing on gameplay first.

"In the meantime, we will continue to run the current version of Anthem, but move away from full seasons as the team works towards the future of Anthem. We’ll keep the game going with events, store refreshes, and revisiting past seasonal and cataclysm content – starting with our anniversary towards the end of the month.

"Creating new worlds is central to our studio mission, but it’s not easy. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we miss. What keeps us going is the support from players like you. Your feedback gives us guidance on how we can improve, and your passion inspires us with the courage to create. I look forward to working together with your involvement and feedback towards the best possible future for Anthem."

Anthem launched at the start of 2019 with a report from Kotaku shortly after release that painted a picture of a rather troubled development cycle. The game sold fewer than six million copies during the 2018/2019 financial year, which was EA's goal for the title.

A number of high profile development staff on the project left the studio last year, including lead producer Ben Irving and live services producer Chad Robertson.

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