Revenue from New Zealand's games industry doubled between 2017 and 2019

Revenue from New Zealand's games industry doubled between 2017 and 2019

The revenue generated by the New Zealand games industry has more than doubled between 2017 and 2019. 

As shown in a survey conducted by the New Zealand Game Developers Association, the industry brought in NZ$203 million ($131 million) last year, a huge increase on the NZ$99.9 million ($64.3 million) it made in in 2017. It's also a 43 per cent increase on the NZ$143 million ($92.1 million) it made in 2018.

The country relies on international sales for its revenue, 96 per cent of its income is export-driven.

“What we’re seeing are the fruits of the last generation of New Zealand interactive studios’ hard work. Our opportunity is to support the next generation of creative tech companies to join them,” says New Zealand Game Developers Association chair Cassandra Gray.

Currently, New Zealand has 683 people working in the games industry. At 31 per cent, programmers are the most common employee. In second is artists at 29 per cent, a significant drop sees managerial roles at 12 per cent.

Game designers make up 10 per cent of total employees. Finally, both quality assurance testers and producers each make up seven per cent. However, only 21 per cent of those employed in the games industry in Zealand are female. A further 207 jobs are predicted for 2020.

Overall, the 10 largest studios in the country bring in 93 per cent of the total revenue, they also employ 77 per cent of the total workers in Zealand's games market. Just under half of the studios - 47 per cent - claimed that a lack of skilled applicants is hindering their growth.

The studio's that took part in the survey cover a range of different media. The majority - at 63 per cent - make mobile apps, while 53 per cent create titles for PC. Taking a drop at 38 per cent is console titles, 22 per cent make augmented reality games and finally, 19 per cent make virtual reality titles.

In October 2019, New Zealand's government invested NZ$10 million ($6.4 million) in its local games industry. Combined with Australia, the games markets were worth $3.1 billion.

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