Alienware reveals new portable games concept PC

Alienware reveals new portable games concept PC

Tech company Alienware has unveiled a new piece of hardware.

The handheld PC prototype was revealed at CES 2020 and can be seen on Twitter (below). It shares a resemblance to the Nintendo Switch and is known as Concept UFO.

Much like the Switch, controllers that can be removed are attached to the sides of the hardware.

"We're always pushing what's possible in the realm of gaming. Introducing our newest gaming innovation, #ConceptUFO. Watch the official unveiling on Jan. 7 at 10 a.m. PST. #CES2020," said the official Alienware Twitter.

According to Business Insider, the portable games PC will run on Windows 10. There is also a stand - similar to Nintendo Switch - and an eight-inch high definition screen, bigger than that of the Japanese console.

On top of this, Concept UFO will also utilise a 10th generation intel processor. There are also two USB-C ports, this allows users to play games with a keyboard and mouse.

You can watch the full unveiling on a livestream on January 7th. Due to the prototype being a concept, there is no release date or hint as to how much it will cost.

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