Andrezj Sapkowski will "make sure" Ed Sheeran is not in The Witcher

Andrezj Sapkowski will "make sure" Ed Sheeran is not in The Witcher

Author of Polish fantasy novel series Andrezj Sapkowski has had fun at the expense of both the Game of Thrones and Ed Sheeran.

As reported by Comic Book, The Witcher writer joked that he has put a ban on the English singer from having a cameo in Netflix's new Witcher series.

“I believe that my job as a creative consultant for this series is to make sure that at no point in the show will Ed Sheeran sing. And that I will make sure doesn’t happen. I will make sure," said Sapkowski.

In the seventh series of Game of Thrones, Sheeran appeared as a soldier and he performed the song Hands of Gold. His cameo was met with a less than favourable response from fans of the fantasy show.

The Netflix show was released on December 20th, before airing, the programme was confirmed to have a second season. According to showrunner Lauren Hissrich, there are seven seasons planned.

Sapkowski recently secured a further partnership with CD Projekt Red, meaning the Polish developer and publisher maintains the IP rights to The Witcher.

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