Former Silent Hill artist Marashiro is working on a new project

Former Silent Hill artist Marashiro is working on a new project

Former Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito has begun work on a new game.

As revealed on Twitter (below), Ito is a core member of the new project. However, no details have been given as to what the new game is.

Ito was the art director for Silent Hill 1-to-3, he is the mastermind behind some of the creatures found within the psychological franchise, including the infamous Pyramid Head.

"I'm working on a title as a core member. I hope the title won't be cancelled," said Ito.

"About that, I can tell you nothing yet."

The latest instalment in the horror series was cancelled, many were disappointed when Silent Hills didn't see release. Especially since the playable teaser demo was highly praised, and regarded as one of the scariest experiences in games.

At the end of 2019, a new rumour began to swirl about Kojima and Konami's cancelled game, Silent Hills. a demo for that title called PT was released back at Gamescom 2014, with the project ultimately being canned after Kojima and Konami fell out in rather dramatic fashion the following year.   

A dream team was behind the project, with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro set to direct the game with Kojima, with the protagonist being portrayed by Norman Reedus. Both ended up being in Kojima's next project, Death Stranding. 

Since the launch of that game, Hideo Kojima has hinted that his studio's next project could be a horror title.

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