Saber Interactive will contribute to Killing Floor 2 features

Saber Interactive will contribute to Killing Floor 2 features

Tripwire Interactive has brought in World War Z developer Saber Interactive to work on content for Killing Floor 2.

In a community update on Steam, it was revealed that the companies would band together for work on new weapons, maps, and bugs.

Winners from the 2019 Mapping Contest will be added to the game in an official capacity. Further quality of life additions are also to be implemented.

"Starting with the Spring 2020 seasonal update, we’re excited to announce Tripwire will be collaborating with World War Z developer Saber Interactive to develop future Killing Floor 2 features and content," said Tripwire Interactive product lead David Amata.

"Over the past year, we conducted an exhaustive search of development studios and Saber Interactive prove themselves to have the right technical and creative skillset that gelled well with Killing Floor 2’s identity and gameplay.

"Our internal team will still be heavily involved in guiding the design and intent for the updates as we work together so that we maintain a consistently high-quality bar that our community expects."

Amata continued: "But, what can you expect going into 2020 for the future of Killing Floor 2? Well, we have a full slate of maps, weapons, and more that we've been planning that we think you’ll be excited for but as we did last year we want to see what you would like to see and how you feel about the overall state of the game."

Major events such as the current Yuletide Horror seasonal event, which runs until January 7th 2020 will also be worked on.

"Seasonal Events are the core of Killing Floor 2’s quarterly updates and for 2020 will be no exception. For the seasonal events you’ve all come to love we have more in store with a slight twist on previous themes," said Amata.

As of May 2019, Tripware has earned more than $100 million in revenue throught he Killing Floor franchise.

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