Atari offers 88 per cent royalties for VCS exclusive titles

Atari offers 88 per cent royalties for VCS exclusive titles

Publishers and developers that choose to make their titles exclusive to Atari VCS will get an 88 per cent cut of the royalties.

As explained in a blog post on Medium, companies that choose to be non-exclusive will get an 80 per cent share instead. Epic Games also offers the 88/12 business model for all titles on its store.

Developers can create titles for the new console through Unity, standard Linux tools can also be used for game development. Currently, those are the only two engines that are compatible, however, Atari is working on making other options available.

"From the outset, the Atari VCS team’s plan has always been to make the system open, easy, and straightforward for creators and studios to develop for," said the post.

"We believe that every developer, large or small, should have the ability to create new content or port existing games and applications for the Atari VCS, and an opportunity to share it with the community through the Atari App Store."

The VCS console was supposed to hit the shelves in March 2019, it was delayed until the end of the year. However, Atari has yet again pushed the console back, crowd funders are expected to receive the hardware in March 2020.

Pre-sales for the console started in May 2018 - 25 years after the Jaguar was first released.

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