Mods are "one of the pillars" of Age of Empires IV

Mods are "one of the pillars" of Age of Empires IV

The ability for users to modify their game is still core to Age of Empires IV.

That's according to Xbox Game Studios' Adam Isgreen - as reported by PCGames N - who said that mods are one of the central aspects of the long-running strategy franchise.

"I will tell you that one of the pillars of all of the Age of Empires games is mods, and allowing people access to tools that allow them to build great content," he said.

"We all believe that’s one of the reasons Age has lasted as long as it has – because the community has been able to support the game. We have no intention of stopping now with Age IV. It is an integral, huge part of Age IV, and is showcased more heavily in some ways than any previous Age game."

The Big M is also going to be looking into how to manage the lifecycle of Age of Empires IV, examining how future content will be launched.

"So we want to have those conversations with the community to figure out what we can add, and things that they want to see in the game, [like] new game modes," Isgreen said.

"So we’re starting that conversation with Age II or will be soon. Age IV is going to be the same. We definitely have ideas of where we want to go past Age IV in terms of expansions and those kind of things. A lot of that is going to be driven by the community and where they want to see the game go."

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