Viewershop dips by 36% for League of Legends All-Star 2019

Viewershop dips by 36% for League of Legends All-Star 2019

The League of Legends' All-Star 2019 event saw a dip in viewership compared to last year.

According to Esports Charts - via PCGamesN - the event in Las Vegas racked up 4,126,052 in viewed hours, a drop of two million or 36 per cent - from the 6,490,876 last year. Prior to this year’s competition, All-Star Barcelona had the lowest total viewed hours at 6,137,976.

In terms of peak viewers, this year's event had 293,351, a drop from 565,909 last year. Following the drop in numbers are the average viewers with the totals being 192,657 and 324,544 in 2019 and 2018 respectively.

The reasons for the drop in numbers were discussed on Reddit, various users brought attention to the time slot, game modes, the participation selection format. The decision to include team fight tactics “so heavily” was also questioned.

Earlier this year, the widely popular MOBA broke its record for concurrent daily players as it hit eight million.

Last week, Riot Games launched a new publishing label dedicated to new games in the League of Legends franchise.

As part of the MOBA’s 10-year anniversary event, a variety of new games were announced. One such game was the new card game Legends of Runeterra, which was in development for nine years. Within one day of release, the free-to-play card game racked up 2.5 million hours of viewership on Twitch.

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