Microsoft has had to rework its anti-cheat as a result of xCloud streaming

Microsoft has had to rework its anti-cheat as a result of xCloud streaming

Tech firm Microsoft had to make revisions to its anti-cheat software for video games following its tests for streaming service xCloud.

That's according to CVP of gaming cloud Kareem Choudhry, who told GamesIndustry,biz that Xbox's anti-cheat tech was registering the super fast server ping for games on Project xCloud as being too high to be possible, and thus likely the result of bad actors.

"We've learnt a lot of things on the tech side," he said.

"My favourite one was when we launched in our preview, we started noticing that some of our Xbox Live anti-cheat detection was triggering. It turns out that because you're playing on a console that's housed in a data centre, its ping time to the server is incredibly low -- sometimes 0ms. And the algorithms we've made to detect cheating over the years see that as something that shouldn't happen. It was never before realistic for a client to have a 0ms ping time. We had to go in and update some of our anti-cheat detection."

Microsoft announced this week it was expanding its xCloud service to include 50 games - up from the original four - as well as bringing it to new regions around the world.

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