Assets from Infinity Blade Adventures are available for Unreal Engine

Assets from Infinity Blade Adventures are available for Unreal Engine

Epic Games is adding Infinity Blade Adventures assets to the Unreal Engine development tool.

As announced in a site update, the new asset packs are valued at $4 million and are available for free use permanently. Five new asset packs will join the seven previously released content packs.

From November 5th, new free content will be released for the development tool on the first Tuesday of every month.

Last year, the company launched a new initiative for free marketplace content. It enabled users to use the assets from Epic’s MOBA title Paragon - which the Fortnite Maker chose to ditch in favour of the battle royale.

Paragon’s free assets are valued at $12 million, 1,500 environmental assets and 20 characters were made available.

So far, 400,000 Unreal developers have used the free content. Furthermore, there have been over eight million downloads for the development tools free content.

The American firm has announced a Creator Appreciation Event, it is being held on November 5th. It is a sale dedicated to alumni who have donated assets to the free content programme within its first year.

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