Humble Bundle increases the price of monthly subscription

Humble Bundle increases the price of monthly subscription

Humble Bundles monthly subscription service is set to get more expensive.

As announced by the storefront, Humble Monthly is becoming Humble Choice. The increased subscription costs come as users can choose their games.

However, there is a classic plan available, though this is only for active Humble Monthly subscribers at the time of change. It enables these loyal customers to continue paying the same price for Humble Choice as they did with the previous service.

It gives players 10 games a month, game choice, access to Humble Trove, 20 per store discount and unlimited access to published Humble originals, all for the price of $12 a month.

There are three other tiers on offer. The premium version for $19.99 gives all that the classic tier does, except it costs more and you are entitled to nine games. The basic package costs $15.99 per month, offering three games a month and 10 per cent store discount.

Finally, there is a lite version, though this only gives access to Humble Trove with a 10 per cent store discount, with limited access to Humble originals and beta’s.

No set date has been given, but Humble Choice is slated to be launched before the end of 2019.

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