Internet Archive adds 2,500 more MS-DOS games

Internet Archive adds 2,500 more MS-DOS games

The Internet Archive has added a further 2,500 MS-DOS games to its digital library.

According to the non-profit firm, this is its biggest update to date, including small recent indie titles and big-name releases so old they were lost to the annals of time.

Back in 2015, the archive began hosting 2,400 DOS games, reintroducing some classic titles from previous decades.

Newly added titles include Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls titles Daggerfall and The Elder Scrolls: Redguard, as well as The Lost Vikings, created by Silicon & Synapse, better known today as Blizzard Entertainment.

If you don't have great internet speeds then Jason Scott, the software curator at Internet Archive recommends avoiding titles that initially launched on a disc, as they take longer to load.

"This is going to be an enormous lean on the vast majority of Internet users out there – downloading multi-hundred-megabyte files into memory and then keeping them there," said Scott in a blog update.

"And then losing it all when the browser window closes. Network speeds will improve over time, but this is probably the biggest show-stopper of them all for many folks."

Scott added: "Maybe in a few years we'll look back at cable-modem speeds and laugh at the crawling, but for now, they're pretty significant."

There are smaller games within the database that are recommended for those with a mediocre internet connection. Recommended titles are Mr Blobby, Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues, Street Rod and digger.

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