French CS:GO players can see loot box contents before buying

French CS:GO players can see loot box contents before buying

French Counter-Strike: Global Offensive users can now see a loot box's content ahead of actually splashing their cash.

The feature comes in a new update which allows players to X-ray scan a box to see what's inside. It is limited, however. Consumers in France have to purchase the item in a loot box before they're able to use the X-ray functionality on another.

There's no indication why publisher and developer Valve has opted to implement this functionality in the French version of the game. Unlike Belgium and the Netherlands, France has not made any big decisions about the loot box business model. It's possible that Valve is heading off future legislation of measures, or hat it is simply testing the functionality in the region.

"In France, every container must first be placed into the X-ray Scanner to reveal the item inside before purchasing a key," a blog post from Valve said.

"The X-ray Scanner will consume the container and reveal the item inside. To use the X-ray Scanner again, the revealed item must be claimed; it is not possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed item.

"In France containers can no longer be purchased from Steam Community Market, but can still be sold."

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