Devcom 2019 - Budget for Remedy's Control between €20m and €30m

Devcom 2019 - Budget for Remedy's Control between €20m and €30m

Remedy's latest title Control is being made with a budget of between €20m ($22.2m) and €30m ($33.3m). 

That's according to Remedy CEO Tero Virtala, who said in a talk at Devcom 2019 that the title was made with triple-A experience but a more moderate sum than its previous titles. A side effect of this is that there's less pressure on the Finnish studio to hit huge sales figure before it has recouped its budget. 

"We would say it's about a sensible budget and scope. Being able to create a full-price triple-A game is really hard," Virtala explained.

"Being able to do that on a budget of €20m to €30m is very safe. It's been about three years now and at the peak of production we had about 100 developers on average."

He continued: "I can't give you the exact number, but within one-to-two million units, we will have broken even. After that we are profitable." is a media partner of Devcom 2019. All of our coverage from Devcom 2019 can be found here

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