Randomised loot boxes are leaving Rocket League later this year

Randomised loot boxes are leaving Rocket League later this year

Randomised loot boxes will be removed from Rocket League by the end of the year, according to a statement from Epic Games-owned developer Psyonix.

Loot crates first appeared in the game in 2016, offering cosmetic items such as vehicle bodies, decal, trails, goal explosions and wheels. However a new system similar to Fortnite’s ‘Save the World’ mode will now be implemented in its place.

This enables players to see what they are getting before making a purchase. However, the rocket pass, DLC cars and esports shop items will continue to be purchased directly.

“Here at Psyonix, and Epic Games as a whole, we are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our players all over the world,” said the Psyonix team.

“In pursuit of that goal, later this year we will remove all paid, randomised Crates from Rocket League, replacing them with a system that shows the exact items you’re buying in advance.

Loot box controversy

The use of loot boxes has been scrutinised worldwide, with some countries such as Belgium seeing it as a form of gambling resulting in the banning of loot boxes. Titles such as Blizzard’s Overwatch and Fifa 19 have had to get rid of in-game purchases in Belgium.

Countries such as the United Kingdom however have ruled loot boxes not to be a form of gambling, making them legal.

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