Riot Games makes culture changes to remove sexism

Riot Games makes culture changes to remove sexism

Riot Games has welcomed new staff members in recent months to aid in creating a better culture.

It has been a year since Kotaku’s investigation, in that time, the developer has made some fundamental changes. According to Angela Roseboro (pictured), who was hired as the new chief diversity officer six months ago, she asked staff for 90 days to implement changes to the company’s culture.

Riot Games also brought in diversity and inclusion specialists Frances Frei and Youngme Moon to aid in making changes to the company’s culture.

On top of this, the developer turned to its employees, speaking to 1,700 staff members in regards to company values. To create an inclusive workplace, 2,500 employees completed over 12,000 hours of training in workplace inclusion and awareness.

Diversity and inclusion is now being implemented into various systems within Riot such as the compensation process and recruitment.

Evolving Riot Games

The firm expanded its leadership team, offering more diversity as it is now made up of 28 per cent women and 45 per cent minorities.

A number of Riot initiatives are now being led by women, including the Riot Platform Group, League of Legends, the art department and various other R&D projects.

In light of these changes, Riot Games will be focusing on five core areas: people, process, culture, ownership and industry.

“Our ‘north star’ is to be a workplace where diversity is our strength and Rioters are empowered, proud, and passionate about our players and each other. To achieve that vision, we have created a framework with five focal areas,” said Roseboro.

“These pillars enable us to create alignment on the work, what we measure, and how we drive accountability. So going forward, we’ll be focused on these things: people, process, culture, ownership, and industry.”

Despite the positive changes, Riot Games has still found itself accused of not cooperating when being investigated for gender discrimination. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing accused the firm of withholding "critical information" in its investigation.

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