Monster Hunter World has shipped 13 million units worldwide

Monster Hunter World has shipped 13 million units worldwide

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World continues to sell well, with the Japanese publishing giant revealing the title has shipped 13m units worldwide.

The news, which the company revealed on Twitter, follows the title hitting around 12m sales at the end of 2018. Breaking this record further cements its place as the best selling game created by the Japenese developer. Second place is Resident Evil 5 which sits five million units behind Monster Hunter World with under eight million sales.

In celebration players are getting a free pack of special items, these can be claimed when you get the daily login reward between July 25th and August 29th.

The number of units sold will no doubt raise further as the Iceborne expansion releases September 6th.

Monster Hunter World’s PC version, the games second-largest platform received patch 6.1 yesterday, adding NVIDIA DLSS support. The title is one of the games that brought success back to Capcom on PC.

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