Pearl Abyss' Black Desert franchise crosses $1bn revenue

Pearl Abyss' Black Desert franchise crosses $1bn revenue

Korean games firm Pearl Abyss has revealed that its Black Desert MMO franchise has hit the $1bn gross sales milestone.

The series started life just four years ago in 2015, so it's been quick to hit the billion-dollar point. CEO Robin Jung says that 30 per cent of this revenue has come from mobile platforms.

"We're proud of what this achievement represents - the hard work and dedication from our teams over the past four years and the support from a community of fans around the world," he said.

"With over 30 per cent of gross sales for Black Desert stemming from mobile platforms, which saw an initial release in Asia in the past year, we're confident that sales are accelerating. Pearl Abyss is optimistic for the future of Black Desert and we look forward to launching Black Desert Mobile globally by the end of the year."

The PC edition of Black Desert has over 10m users.

Pearl Abyss is in an expansion phase at the moment, having bought Eve Online maker CCP for $425m in September 2018 and set up a California office in December of that year.

Oh, and it's working with Counter-Strike co-creative Minh Le, too, but we don't know much about that game aside from it's a shooter. Duh.

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