UK House of Lords calls for stricter regulation of online companies

UK House of Lords calls for stricter regulation of online companies

The UK's House of Lords has pushed the idea of creating a “Digital Authority” to monitor technology regulation.

Engadget reports that this new authority would coordinate the efforts of existing institutions like OfCom or the ICO and would be free to recommend additional powers should more pressing, widespread problems emerge.

The formation of such an authority isn’t guaranteed, but members of the House of Lords argued that something needs to be done about woefully outdated rules around technology.

Additionally, the authority’s supporters asked for 10 “principals” to guide digital legislation, such as privacy, transparency and protections for children.

This follows calls by members of the Scottish parliament who suggested a review of digital legislation after Steam’s awkward handling of a sexual assault-themed game blew into the public eye.

Cases like Steam’s seem to suggest that the wider technology industries are failing at self-regulating. However, a national ruling is more likely to affect any company’s audience in the country more than the firms themselves, which can often be based abroad in places such as the US.

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