Brexit chaos: UKIE and TIGA have their say on withdrawal agreement, for what it's worth

Brexit chaos: UKIE and TIGA have their say on withdrawal agreement, for what it's worth

Just yesterday UK prime minister Theresa May’s Conservative government reached a Brexit withdrawal agreement with the European Union that in theory would lead the way for the UK’s departure.

The deal has since however faced fierce criticism from MPs across the aisle and from both leave and remain supports in various parties.

A number of ministers have resigned. The chief Brexit negotiator Dominic Raab (the second following David Davis’ resignation) said he could not back the deal he himself negotiated, and also resigned from the cabinet.

A group of Conservative MPs are currently attempting to stir up a vote of no confidence in May, which if successful could end up resulting in a new Tory leadership election.

May has come out this evening to state that she intends to carry on with the current deal agreed with the EU and will attempt to push it through parliament.

Needless to say, a lot remains up in the air and the shape of Brexit could change at any moment.

Prior to this agreement, Games4EU released a report that analysed the potential consequences for the UK games industry.

TIGA's view

A lot remains on the line for the games industry. In response to May’s Brexit deal, TIGA CEO Richard Wilson said: “Based on events today in Parliament, it looks like there is great uncertainty ahead and the deal in its current form may not pass a vote.”

On the withdrawal agreement currently set go head through parliament, Wilson said “stability is a priority” for the UK games industry.

“When making investment decisions, our members need a degree of certainty about the future of the economy, trade relations, and their ability to recruit skilled workers,” he said.

“We are therefore pleased that the government and the EU has reached a technical agreement that can unlock negotiations on the future relationship.”

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