Original Diablo creator David Brevik lashes out at Blizzard during tipsy livestream

Original Diablo creator David Brevik lashes out at Blizzard during tipsy livestream

Original Diablo senior designer David Brevik ranted against Blizzard during a livestream hosted by his wife.

During the Path of Exile stream, which he joined after a poker game and some alcoholic beverages, Brevik accused the publisher of caring more about profits than people under its employ. The stream was recorded in October but naturally garnered attention following the “muted” response to Diablo Immortal.

Assuming the persona of an Activision Blizzard executive, Brevik slammed some of the thinking behind the company’s recent actions.

"Oh my God, Fortnite is making a fucking shit-ton," said Brevik, speculating. "Overwatch isn't Fortnite. Why have you wronged us? Okay, we're going to get rid of the profit-sharing program. We don't like this. We don't like the fact that low-level employees make decent money at Blizzard. We're gonna get rid of this program because we need more profits to increase our stock price."

It’s worth noting that the profit-sharing program mention appears to still be in place at Blizzard, despite Brevik’s speculation that its removal was a key cause of co-founder Michael Morhaime leaving the company last month.

Thejunglequeen, Brevik’s wife and stream host, pushed back against the accusations saying: “We don't know if that's the case,”

Brevik clarified: "Of course not! We don't know if any of this is the case. However, you can easily imagine this."

Later, speaking to Newsweek, Brevik explained to Newsweek that everything stated on stream was said in speculation: “I have no inside information…. I don't know if I even believe it, it was just a hypothetical scenario.”

“Sounds a bit like I had a long day and a few drinks at that point in the stream. It was probably my bedtime.”

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