Analysts expect AMD CPUs will outperform Intel by next year

Analysts expect AMD CPUs will outperform Intel by next year

A leaked document from technology analyst firm Canalys suggests AMD CPU hardware may surpass Intel in performance in 2019.

The powerpoint document, aimed at the company’s partners, suggests its audience “anticipate the possibility of AMD surpassing Intel on CPU performance in 2019.” The slides have since been taken offline, but select slides were saved on Chinese tech outlet Expreview.

The suggestion seems to call focus on AMD’s 7nm, server-grade Zen2 processors, due for release sometime in 2019. Canalys seems to be advising customers that AMD may become a serious contender for commercial businesses.

The document suggests AMD may be viable for a range of consumers, but calls particular attention to “progressive companies with young workers (who may appreciate the ability to do gaming on the side).” Effectively, more youthful startups and game developers should be paying attention to AMD devices next year.

Canalys’ advice is targeted at a wide range of high-profile customers, including Amazon, Apple, Lenovo and HP. While its prediction may be bold, it comes from a place of market expertise and respect.

Intel, meanwhile, has plans to edge into AMD's space beyond CPUs. The processor-producer plans to release its first discrete GPU in 20 years by 2020.

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