News is back online - apparently for good this time is back online - apparently for good this time

It looks like Valve has re-released its new streaming service to the public once more.

Over the weekend, a slice of the internet became privvy to, Valve's foray in to the world of online broadcasting.

Valve implied that the reveal was an 'accident' and said it was "working on updating Steam Broadcasting for the main event of the The International". However, the link is now live once again.

The in-browser platform is still only showing one thing - live gameplay from The International, Valve's Dota 2 tournament that is currently on-going.

Nervous Twitch

While is only showing one game currently, it's fair to assume that Valve hopes to create a more intricate broadcasting space in the near future. The Steam launcher already has the ability to broadcast gameplay to friends, and would be a more accessible version of that feature.

Upon logging in, gives users the option to watch a boradcast alone, or 'create a watch party' to check out streams with friends. It also has a neat drag and drop function allowing users to add friends to group chats easily.


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