It doesn’t look like Halo Infinite will support Xbox Play Anywhere

It doesn’t look like Halo Infinite will support Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere support is conspicuously absent from the Xbox page listing for Halo Infinite.

Microsoft announced the next installment of its flagship shooter series at E3 this year. But while this is the first time a mainline Halo title has hit PC since Halo 2’s Vista port in 2007, it doesn’t look like Infinite will support Play Anywhere functionality. The page for Halo Infinite is missing any mention of the service.

Xbox Play Anywhere is a system that’s been used by many Xbox first-party titles now, where a purchase on one platform is a purchase across all. Saves and achievements are linked across Xbox and PC, effectively treating a title as the same copy wherever the user decides to play.

The absence of Play Anywhere support is notable, given that Gears 5 - another landmark Xbox title - lists the platform on its own official page. However, Infinite appears to be far further from release than Gears, and it could be that many details are still up in the air for Master Chief’s next adventure.

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