YouPorn will sponsor Nutaku’s premier $25,000 adult esports tournament

YouPorn will sponsor Nutaku’s premier $25,000 adult esports tournament

Adult entertainment site YouPorn is set to sponsor Nutaku’s first adult esports competition.

The Nutaku Lewd Gaming Championship will feature Gamebau’s mature take on World of Tanks, TnT. The second T may stand for Tanks, but there’s no prize for guessing the first. The competition will see 64 players compete for cash prizes this autumn.

Naturally, there’s a participation prize awarded to every competitor - a free 12-month YouPorn premium membership.

“TnT is definitely one of our most coveted titles,” said Nutaku product manager Ben Faccio. “Think of it as World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the gameplay. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of eSports to the next level.”

Faccio also noted that YouPorn was an ideal sponsor for Nutaku’s esports ventures. The company is looking to expand its competitive gaming platform to include more titles, and grow its own adult esports scene.

YouPorn, meanwhile, is no stranger to the esports world. The site previously sponsored Team YP, a pro Overwatch and Street Fighter outfit, but faced friction from the ESL thanks to the more mature nature of its operations.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Nutaku’s expansion into esports and to sponsor the first-ever adult esports tournament,” said YouPorn vice president Charlie Hughes. “YouPorn has been involved in esports for years with our very own Team YP, and it has added a new level of diversity and community to our platform that we’re excited to introduce to Nutaku.”

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