Roughly 30,000 players a week are still playing Halo Wars 2

Roughly 30,000 players a week are still playing Halo Wars 2

Console-friendly RTS Halo Wars 2 is still seeing weekly player counts of around 30,000 unique users one year after launch.

Data sourced from the game’s API revealed that the cross-platform strategy is still seeing over 30,000 players log in a week. The number remains fairly consistent going back to the game’s launch, implying a persistent player community keeping the niche genre title alive.

Around 60,000 to 80,000 individual matches are being played per week, with Deathmatch proving the most popular game mode. The data doesn’t reveal the number of concurrent users, which is likely to be significantly lower, but evidently, Halo Wars 2 still provides enough of a community to easily find matches.

Halo Wars 2 allowed cross-play between platforms, and the data doesn’t give details on how many players come from either Xbox One or PC. The franchise is closely associated with Microsoft’s home console, but RTS titles have always found more of a home on the PC.

What we can get a good glimpse at is the benefit of the Xbox Game Pass on older titles. Halo Wars 2 was made available on the service this February, and saw a 5,000 boost in overall player count.

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