It looks like scammers have been selling allowed to sell PC keys on Amazon

It looks like scammers have been selling allowed to sell PC keys on Amazon

Online retailer Amazon has found itself in hot water over PC games keys that have been sold on its platform.

Users on the GameDeals subreddit found that copies of 11bit's FrostPunk (pictured) being sold for $3 - just 10 per cent of the current RRP - were in fact simply repackaged keys bought from

It would seem that whoever has been selling these keys has been doing so by bundling in the game with their own installer and published it under the name Ace Media Group LLC. GOG-specific metadata was still present in the package.

“I decided to pay $3 to play detective. It's piracy,” the OP on Reddit said.

“Someone took the GOG version of the game, repackaged it with their own installer signed and published by ‘Ace Media Group LLC’ and submitted it to Amazon. The installer looks fairly legit but the uninstaller doesn't work. They left GOG-specific metadata files and Galaxy64.dll (for GOG Galaxy client integration) in the install dir.”

Concerns have been raised in the industry about how Amazon has been policing its storefront - if users are simply able to put any old digital package for sale, is anyone checking whether they contain viruses or malware?

We've reached out to Amazon UK for comment. 

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