Memory error booting players from Call of Duty: WWII

Memory error booting players from Call of Duty: WWII

A memory error in Call of Duty: WWII has been booting players from the game. The problem is known by Activision and has been around since January. Players claim that it happens every few hours and makes the game unplayable

The memory issue causes the screen to go black and the game to reload with the error code appearing. The issue is appearing across all platforms in all game modes, but most frequently occurs in the multiplayer mode Operation Neptune.

The problem is occurring at all stages of a match, with Kotaku reporting that the game loads up maps before the error appears, as well as sometimes booting players mid-match before reloading. Gamers have been leaving the once popular title in their droves as not only does it affect the win/loss records, players have reported that progress and items are also affected

Call of Duty: WWII frequently appeared in the Steam Top Ten when it was released, but the error has seen a drop in the number of people playing the game. Activision is currently investigating the error, but there is yet to be a patch to fix it. The next game is the series is currently in development, with Treyarch working on Black Ops 4.

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