Is PUBG or Fortnite dominating the streaming space at the moment?

Is PUBG or Fortnite dominating the streaming space at the moment?

It’s hardly a secret that battle royale is one of the biggest trends in gaming right now. That surge began in March 2017 when Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds went into Early Access on Steam.

One year, 30m units and a record-breaking three million concurrent players later, PUBG Corp's battle royale remains a giant in the gaming space, and by default, a giant in the influencer space.

But then in walked Fortnite, the free-to-play co-op sandbox survival title from Epic Games. In September 2017 Fortnite released a battle royale mode with a very similar format to PUBG.

The update has led to a surge of interest in the title, which has surpassed 40 million downloads as of January 2018. That's a sizeable 10 million more than PUBG, which sits behind a paywall as a premium title.

Both games are available to play on PC and Xbox One, while Fortnite is also available on PS4.

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