AMD might be fighting cryptocurrency miners with prebuilt PC GPU Far Cry 5 offers

AMD might be fighting cryptocurrency miners with prebuilt PC GPU Far Cry 5 offers

Hardware specialist AMD has teamed up with Ubisoft for the upcoming release of Far Cry 5.

The deal sees people who buy eligible computers featuring the hardware firm's RX Vega or Radeon 580 graphics cards receiving a free copy of the upcoming open-world shooter.

The offer started earlier this week, on February 27th, and will continue until May 20th.

These kinds of deals aren't all that rare - publishers team up with graphics cards firms all the time for upcoming releases. However, historically these offers have been tied to an individual graphics card, whereas this is attached to pre-built systems that feature said graphics cards.

It's possible that this is AMD trying to level the playing field as cryptocurrency miners have more of an impact on the GPU market. The price of - and indeed, the demand for - graphics cards has gone through the roof as cryptocurrency miners snap them up.

Indeed, the number of AMD cards being purchased for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining has risen eight per cent year-on-year. Nvidia saw a six per cent decline, while Intel saw a two per cent drop.

It remains to be seen whether this is the start of a new trend for graphics cards companies, or indeed whether a return to the old-school GPU and game deal occurs once the graphics card cryptocurrency market stabilises.

Far Cry 5 is being released on March 27th, following a one-month delay from February 27th

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