PUBG Corp testing anti-cheat solution to block third-party applications

PUBG Corp testing anti-cheat solution to block third-party applications

The most popular PC game on the planet right now's war with cheaters and people using exploits continues with developer and publisher PUBG Corp looking into methods to curb use of ReShade.

This programme modifies the game's visuals - while this makes Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' palette a bit more vibrant, it also makes it much easier to see other players in the world.

In a post on the game's forum, the developers said they are looking at new anti-cheat solutions to kill not just ReShade but all third-party programmes. Previously creative director Brendan Greene has said that the use of ReShade is okay, but now it is being axed in the name of fairness, it would seem.

"We are testing a new anti-cheat solution on our test servers this week and it is to block cheats more effectively," the developer wrote.

"This will also block third-party programs that modify the gameplay or visuals in an invasive way. Reshade is one of the programs that will be blocked by this measure."

Cheating has been an issue for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds since the game's release. In the summer, its anti-cheating partner BattlEye revealed it was having to ban thousands of users each day. Since PUBG Corp teamed up with Tencent for the game's Chinese release, the tech and entertainment giant has been working with local law enforcement to crack down on people making hacks and exploits in the region.

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