CD Projekt says it won’t be doing a new Witcher game any time soon

CD Projekt says it won’t be doing a new Witcher game any time soon

Despite the massive success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED isn’t going to be doing a new game in the series anytime soon.

Going by an interview with Polish shite Strefa Inwestorow - as translated by ResetEra user Cornbread78 - company president Adam Kiciński - the Witcher games were envisioned as a trilogy, with Wild Hunt providing a clear ending for the story told.

But Kiciński did admit a new Witcher game would appear at some point in the future, likely as a spin-off with new characters. This, he said, is to keep investors and fans happy, which is fair enough considering the series’ massive - and rather later - success.

The interview also touches on Cyberpunk 2077, which the team hopes will be more successful than The Witcher 3. It might be a while before we get a look at the game, too, given that the team is apparently proud but nervous about their project.

And finally, Witcher card game Gwent came up with CD Projekt considering this to be a service game. Kiciński says that Gwent was meant to be integrated into GOG Galaxy on all platforms.

Furthermore, the team has bigger marketing plans for Gwent next year; unsurprisingly given that the game will finally be launching properly.

The Witcher franchise turned ten this year. It's been a good year for CD Projekt, too, with the firm reporting net profit of $33.4m for the first half of 2017

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