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Giants Software is opening a new office in Chicago

Giants Software is opening a new office in Chicago

Farming Simulator developer Giants Software is setting up shop in Chicago, Illinois.

This new US studio will be the company's first outside of Europe. To date, its studios have been in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. This Chicago outfit will be opening its doors in the first half of 2020.

Giants Software's new office has job openings for event management, community management and customer support. It will aid the company's North and South American player base.

“A key factor of Farming Simulator’s success is the strong relationship with the player and modding community as well as the farming industry,” said Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann.

“The regions around Chicago are a big farming hub and we look forward to extending our local presence with talented people, which will give us even more opportunities to be present at local videogames and farming events as well as community and support activities in American time zones.”

Farming Simulator 19 rolled out at in November 2018 and within 10 days of launch, it had sold one million copies, just under half of which were on PC. By June 2019, Farming Simulator 19 has exceeded two million sales

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