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Unity set to triple Indian workforce as it eyes industries outside of games

Unity set to triple Indian workforce as it eyes industries outside of games

Unity wants to triple the number of its employees in India during 2017 as it ups plans to branch out into industries outside of games.

As reported by the Economic Times, the game engine firm is looking at opportunities in other sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, real estate and education.

Unity believes it can offer these companies a tool for their expansions into augmented reality and virtual reality.

Market leading ambition

According to Unity Director of South Asia/ANZ Quentin Staes-Polet, 70% of the world’s VR work is done on its engine.

“People in automobile and manufacturing have raised a demand for interactive and immersive platforms for their customers and internal work,” said Staes-Polet.

“This high-fidelity visualisation cannot be achieved with 3D design tools. Therefore, we are consorting with IT integration firms that are building up augmented and virtual reality practises.”

Unity sees plenty of opportunity in India both in and outside of games.

Chief Revenue Officer Dave Rhodes said the costs of mobile continues to decrease in the country, giving wider access to mobile games and driving the market on an upward trajectory.

“People in India if given the right price of device and bandwidth, will buy more games,” said Rhodes.

“The developers have an outlet to make money and we want to be there to support them.”

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