Learn about live games and community at The Long Game track at PC Connects London 2019

Learn about live games and community at The Long Game track at PC Connects London 2019

The final track on day one of PC Connects London 2019 is The Long Game.

One of our new tracks for this year's show, this series of talks will be looking at live games and community, with our speakers sharing insight into developing, managing and even marketing a game well after launch.

This track is sponsored by RuneScape firm Jagex, who certainly know a thing or two about running games over time.

Here is the full schedule for these sessions:

Panel: Managing Your Community Across Platforms

In many ways, the video games market has been siloed but now with the increased power of mobile devices, experiences previously restricted to PC or console are suddenly available on the go - often at the same time. This panel will look at the practical realities of managing the different communities distinct platforms have with dos, donts and insight from some of the biggest players in this sector.

Nine Years Of WOT
Sean Lee, Wargaming editor Alex Calvin will be sitting down with Wargaming chief strategy officer Sean Lee to discuss the firm's approach to live operations, seeing what the World of Tanks giant has learnt from nine years of running that title.

Indie Vs COD
Joe Brammer, Bulkhead

In February 2018, indie studio Bulkhead Interactive launched its World War Two shooter Battalion 1944 into Steam's Early Access scheme. This came just months after Activision released Call of Duty: WWII, with many positioning Battalion as the indie COD. Studio founder Joe Brammer will be talking about what the company has learnt launching and running this project

The Art Of Player Retention Through Live Ops
Tanguy Dewavrin, Atom Universe

How to keep players engaged by updating the game regularly and nurturing your online community. This will cover community management, seasonal content, drip-feeding the community with regularly unlocking hidden content, organising exclusive in-game events, limited edition items, looking after clubs and communities, time-limited content, hiring volunteer moderators and in-game guides as well as relaying info on social media channels

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