What to expect from the PC Connects London 2019 State of Play track

What to expect from the PC Connects London 2019 State of Play track

Kicking off PC Connects London 2019 on January 21st is our State of Play track, where we have called upon some of the biggest and brightest names in the sector to share their insight into the PC games market as it is right now.

This is out zeitgeist track to give attendees an idea of what the landscape is right now in the PC games space, sponsored by Jagex Partners. 

Pixels & Pounds - Investing in Video Games
Ian Livingstone

Industry legend Ian Livingstone discusses what investors are looking for, what games companies should do to attract investors, and what they should action to protect their interests.

Crowdfunding Opportunities For Video Games
Thomas Bidaux, Ico Partners

In his third appearance at PC Connects, Ico Partners boss Thoma Bidaux will once again be looking at the state of crowdfunding, current trends and best practices for this sector. 

How To Avoid Publishing Agreement Pitfalls – A Guide For Devs And Publishers
Peter Lewin, Purewal and Partners

A publishing deal can be one of the most crucial relationships that a studio ever enters into, so it’s worth getting it right. In this session, video games lawyer Pete Lewin shares tips based on real-world examples of how to avoid common publishing agreement pitfalls. While primarily aimed at developers, there’s also plenty in here for publishers, licensors and more to help streamline their negotiation processes.

Building IPs That Last
Christian Fonnesbech

Freelance strategic consultant and Nordisk Film Games' head of IP Christian Fonnesbech shares the importance of thinking big and long-term when making a game.

My Business Model Is Wrong! What Does Right Look Like?
Nick Beliaeff, Jagex

For over 20 years, Nick has been on a quest to find the magic business model in online gaming. Today, Nick is SVP of Game Development, at Jagex, creators and operators of RuneScape, the $1bn living game franchise, and his quest has previously taken him through leadership roles at Trion, Sony Online Entertainment, and Spin Master. In this session, Nick explores online business models and the sanctity of social contracts with players to yield high levels of player engagement, advocacy for your game and satisfaction with its business model.

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