Balatro hits one million sales

Balatro hits one million sales

Roguelike card title Balatro has shifted one million copies in less than one month.

In a post on Twitter, the game's official account revealed that the title has sold over one million copies since its February 20th release date. Developer Localthunk said in the post that: "We still have some fun things planned for the future."

In a post to the game's official subreddit, Localthunk expressed their thanks to the Balatro community.

"First off, so grateful for all the amazing support and seeing so many people have fun with this game. I made this game for me but it’s been incredibly rewarding seeing other people experience this odd creation in a positive way. The fact that 1,000,000 of you decided to give this thing a chance baffles me," they wrote.

"My favourite part of Balatro has been and will continue to be the design, and seeing so many suggestions, criticisms, and interesting discussions around the game has really gotten my brain juices going again. Right now I’m working on mobile ports and a balance update that will likely include some pretty interesting content changes. I really think you’ll appreciate the changes and how they improve the variety/experience of higher difficulties.

"I know this game isn’t perfect as is, and I’ve seen a lot of questions about the future of the game (wondering how much I’ll be working on it), but know that I’m here for the long haul and I already have tons of ideas for fun things to do next. I won’t share specifics until there is something specific to share but this game won’t be abandoned, I’m having too much fun with it."

Balatro previously shifted 500,000 copies in its first ten days in the wild.

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