Suicide Squad saw half Steam concurrent players of Marvel's Avengers on launch

Suicide Squad saw half Steam concurrent players of Marvel's Avengers on launch

The recently released Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League attracted less than half the concurrent player base of Marvel's Avengers in its first 24 hours.

That's according to data from SteamDB – spotted by PCGamesN – which shows that Warner Bros' new title hit a peak of 12,667 simultaneous users for its first day in the wild. That is well below the 29,916 players that Marvel's Avengers hit when it launched back in September 2020. The super hero title didn't retain its audience, mind, with developer Crystal Dynamics saying that it was "confident" that players would return just over a month after its release.

It's worth noting that the games market of today is not the games market of 2020. If you recall, there was the small matter of a global pandemic that meant a lot of people were still stuck at home under lockdown restrictions. Hence, they were spending more time – and money – on video games. There's also the cost of living crisis meaning that a lot of people simply do not have as much disposable income compared to three-plus years ago.

It could also point to something of a fatigue in the games audience when it comes to live service titles.

That being said, the preview cycle and pre-release coverage for Suicide Squad might have put some fans off heading into the super villain romp, at least initially.

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