Report: 61% of new games revenue in 2023 came from ten titles

Report: 61% of new games revenue in 2023 came from ten titles

More than 60 per cent of all revenue generated by games released on Steam in 2023 came from ten titles.

That's according to research from Video Game Insights (VGI), which shows that the Top Ten games released last year were responsible for 61 per cent of all revenue from new titles. Meanwhile, the Top 100 games released made up 91 per cent of revenue, while the number one best-selling title on Steam took a massive 21 per cent.

That would be Baldur's Gate 3, which VGI pegs as being the No.1 title released on Steam in 2023 by both units and revenue.

The company reckons that over $9 billion was generated on Steam in 2023 with more than 580 million titles sold.

As previously reported, around 14.5k new games were launched on the platform last year. However, only five per cent of these titles made more than $100,000 in revenue; just 930 games on Steam made over $1 million in revenue, 157 made over $10 million and 20 raked in $50 million or more.

97 titles saw over one million downloads.

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