Embracer says "agonising" layoffs are "necessary" for company to meet its goals

Embracer says "agonising" layoffs are "necessary" for company to meet its goals

The layoffs at troubled Swedish games giant Embracer Group are apparently "a necessary thing" for the company to meet its objectives.

That's according to Phil Rogers, the company's interim chief strategy officer and CEO of the former Square Enix studios it acquired, who told that these cuts were essential for Embracer to hit its goals.

Between July and September, Embracer laid off over 900 members of staff. There have been more cuts since, though an exact number is yet to be released.

"There's a lot of it going around the industry at the moment of restructuring, but the downside, obviously, is the impact on people. It's something that really Embracer feels for," Rogers said.

"It's been an agonising process to see the sort of headcount [reduction], but we know it's a necessary thing for us to hit our new and needed goals. So overall, good progress and we push on."

Pressed as to how many more people are set to lose their job, Rogers says it's "a tricky question".

"We report to the quarter, and we're mindful that the operative groups are making changes," he said.

"Some of that makes the news, and some of it doesn't. We don't comment on that, but we will report on it as we get to those quarterly measurement dates, so the next time will be in February.

"Our priorities are… very much keeping a focus on working together, keeping eyes on the goal at a project level. We have announced that we expect more restructuring and some more cancellations, potentially some more closures or management buyouts. That's the balance we've got to take internally… Because, as we say, the people cost is significant, and it's significant to us and we have to handle that always with that respect and integrity."

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