Get to know Dubai, one of the 5 Best Cities in the World - ahead of Dubai Game Expo Summit

Get to know Dubai, one of the 5 Best Cities in the World - ahead of Dubai Game Expo Summit

The Dubai GameExpo Summit we recently announced is taking place in Dubai this summer, and planning ahead is key to make sure you don’t miss anything you might want to see in this spectacular metropolis.

If you didn’t hear, this June 21st to 22nd we’re partnering up with the Dubai Economy & Tourism department to bring an unmissable games conference experience to the glorious city of Dubai, in the fastest growing region of the international games industry. The GameExpo Summit powered by PG Connects will take place over two days alongside the larger GameExpo event at the incredible hub of sustainability and innovation, Expo City Dubai. The summit itself will feature more than 100 renowned games industry speakers from all over the globe delivering insightful talks, panels and seminars across a number of themed tracks. You can look forward to the same type of invaluable learning and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from Pocket Gamer Connects events, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you this summer.

Today, we’re giving you more insight into the fabulous location where the Summit is taking place and what you can do in your free time there to make the most of it. Keep on reading for a brief introduction to the amazing city of Dubai!

Get to know Dubai
Now known for being one of the world’s most innovative cities and a massive commercial hub, Dubai was originally a modest fishing village that was known as a caravan station linking Oman to modern-day Iran. In 1894, with new tax exemption guidelines, excellent business conditions brought in a massive influx of foreign workers from India and Pakistan. Then, in 1966, oil was discovered in the city and everything changed. The Dubai Trade Centre was established at this time and as the city expanded, new wonders were erected such as Burj Khalifa. Striking oil is now a big part of why the UAE is considered the third-richest country in the world.

Dubai is more just than a popular tourist destination, it’s a heavily populated area. There are currently over 3.55 million people living in Dubai and on the daily, the population jumps by over one million with the sheer amount of visitors from other emirates who go to Dubai for business and tourism. Dubai also presents itself as a tourist destination like no other, offering massive luxurious shopping malls to spend full days exploring and ample opportunities to partake in extreme sports. You will absolutely want to book days around the Summit to make the most of everything Dubai has to offer, and on that note…

Explore the magnificent city of Dubai!
We’re headed to Dubai for the very first time in PG Connects history, and we absolutely can’t wait to share with you more about what we have in store. Dubai’s been ranked one of Best Cities in the world by the World’s Best Cities Report, and this is an unparalleled opportunity to make unforgettable memories and take your career to the next level in this glorious city. It’s the definition of a forward-gazing city that’s paving the way to the future. Whether you’re looking to “ride an elevator to the top of the world’s tallest building for a bird’s eye view”, take a dive into the deepest swimming pool in the entire world or make a bet in the most expensive horse race in the world, Dubai has something for you. The experiences this amazing city offers are second to none, and we’re thrilled to share with you today some suggestions on what to do in your leisure time here.

  • Step into one of the biggest malls in the world! The Dubai Mall is an unmissable and unforgettable location boasting over 1,200 retail outlets and 200 dining experiences to enjoy.
  • Step onto Burj Khalifa, one of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai and the tallest structure in the world at 160 storeys high. That’s right, the world! It’s also a development atop the Dubai Mall, so you can make a full day out of it! It’s highly popular, so it’s recommended you buy skip-the-line tickets ahead of time.
  • Stop by the glorious Dubai Fountain right on the Burj Khalifa Lake and marvel at the stunning light spectacle. You can enjoy the performance from a floating platform or go for a ride on the lake for a closer look at the light show.
  • No better way to explore Dubai than to observe it sky-high! Zipline through the Dubai Marina either alone or with a buddy, and an installed camera available for purchase allows you to revisit the once-in-a-lifetime journey after.
  • Did you know that there’s snow in Dubai? Ski Dubai presents an unparalleled indoor skiing opportunity at a Snow Par, where you can ski, spend time with penguins and even enjoy popular movies on the slopes.
  • Looking for alternate ways to cool off during the summer months? Observe the iconic Dubai skyline and unwind at the same time by taking a dip in the world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool at the AURA Skypool. There’s delectable food and drink options, and you can enjoy them with an unbeatable view of the Arabian gulf.
  • For even more ways to cool off during the summer, the world’s largest waterpark is located in Dubai, and the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is truly something you won’t want to miss. From going on the world’s tallest waterslide or sliding down a tube that goes through a shark-infested underwater lagoon, there’s no experience quite like this one anywhere else!
  • For even more underwater fun, you will want to check out The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It’s the largest Aquarium in all of the Middle East and Africa and over 65,000 marine animals call this place home. Take a journey through the long lost city of Atlantis and come across sharks, eels, seahorses and piranhas at this majestic attraction.
  • A must-see sight in Dubai is the imposing Jumeirah Mosque. Learn about Islamic culture by visiting one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. Visitors of all faiths are welcome to visit the Mosque to learn about the Emirati way of life and the religion, and the stunning architecture and intricate art is absolutely stunning. If you plan to pay a visit, please remember to be respectful of the location and dress modestly, as it is a place of worship. You can learn more about etiquette and visiting here.
  • Visit where it all began for Dubai in Dubai Creek, the city’s historic commercial hub that’s like a flashback in Dubai’s history to its old town. You can explore the canal on an abra boat ride for just one dirham or even enjoy a cruise dinner if you plan ahead of time, or perhaps plan ahead to visit one of the many fabulous restaurants there. It’s a local favourite as well, so you can truly get immersed into the local culture here.

Looking for even more ideas on what to do in Dubai during your leisure time? Here’s some helpful articles providing more insight on what this marvellous city has to offer:

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