People Can Fly to focus on self-publishing

People Can Fly to focus on self-publishing

Polish games firm People Can Fly is changing its development strategy to focus more on self-publishing.

The company announced this move last month, saying that this shift in business model would be more profitable for the firm. People Can Fly wants to make at least PLN 3 billion ($667.7 million) between 2023 and 2027. In order to find this new strategy, the firm is issuing new shares worth between PLN205 million ($45.6 million) and PLN295 million ($65.7 million).

“The company has also built up knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully self-publish games," People Can Fly's head of publishing Vladimir Makarychev said.

"We are now ready to bring our games to gamers entirely on our own. We have no doubt that in the longer perspective, this may be a much more profitable business than the model to date of cooperating with publishers. Self-publishing a game gives us greater control over the development process, choice of the optimal monetisation model, and shaping the marketing, sales and distribution strategy. Self-publishing obviously also allows the developer to retain a larger percentage of the sales revenue. We are aware that this model carries greater risk, but we can mitigate the risk by diversifying the portfolio of games and developing multiple games simultaneously.”

People Can Fly says it will still work with third parties on some projects as they give it a level of financial stability.

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