Updated: Ubisoft cuts down Blade game rumours

Updated: Ubisoft cuts down Blade game rumours

Update - 23/8/2022: Ubisoft has put some cold water on reports that it is working on a Blade video game. 

In a post on Twitter, the company said that it was not developing a title based on the upcoming super hero movie. 

"Sorry to slice up the rumors, we're not making a Blade game but we can't wait to see what our friends at
Marvel Studios are cooking up for next year's movie," Ubisoft wrote.  

Original - 22/8/2022: French publishing giant Ubisoft is rumoured to be working on a video game based on the upcoming Blade movie.

That's going by Instagram posts from actors Alex Martin and Ed Gaffney - spotted by YouTuber JorRaptor - which show the duo doing performance capture work for a game. Both are wielding what appear to be swords and slate shows that this is for a Marvel production.

What's more, the director listed on the slate is 'B Tariq'. The director of the upcoming Blade film from Marvel is Bassam Tariq.

This would be a big get for Ubisoft and - if true - is the latest in a line-up of strong licensing deals that it has scored. The company is currently working on a video game based on the upcoming Avatar movie and last year it was revealed to be developing a Star Wars title in collaboration with LucasFilm.

The Blade project would also be notable due to the fact that, despite its dominance of popular culture, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't been adapted into video game form. Marvel characters are no stranger to games, but in terms of actual official MCU tie-ins... there haven't really been any.

The Blade movie is set to launch in 2023 and stars Mahershala Ali. 

Disclaimer: Alex Calvin is a freelance journalist who has worked with Ubisoft in the past. 

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