Meet the right investor and secure funding for your game at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

Meet the right investor and secure funding for your game at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

Connecting with compatible business partners who are looking for projects like yours to invest in has never been easier than at Pocket Gamer Connects.

The Connects series is highly attended by some of the biggest and most credible investors in the games industry, and we can’t wait to bring you our latest edition of Investor Connector, a matchmaking fringe event where developers have the chance to meet one-to-one with investors who have a potential collective pot of $200m to invest. Today, we’re shining a light on this dedicated opportunity to getting your foot in the door with investors, or for investors, meet promising gamemakers with investable projects you will want to learn more about.

This unmissable opportunity is taking place at our highly anticipated in-person return to Helsinki this September 27 to 28. 1,200 games industry professionals from all over the globe are joining us to hear from 200 of the game industry’s leading players as they discuss all the hottest topics facing the industry across 20 diverse topic tracks. Whether you’re interested in finding out more about the metaverse, blockchain and NFTs or upping your skillset as a developer and learning new UA strategies, you won’t want to miss out! On top of all this brilliant mind-melding and insights-sharing, this conference will bring back some of our most popular, well-loved matchmaking events, including Investor Connector.

Keep on reading to find out more about how you can get involved today and meet credible, active investors on the lookout for new exciting projects.

Investor Connector
Date: Tuesday, September 27
Time: 10AM-1PM PST

The popular match-making event returns for Helsinki 2022!

Are you a game maker looking to secure investment for your next big project? Or perhaps you’re an investor looking for an exciting new opportunity. If so, Investor Connector is tailor-made for you!

Investor Connector selects applicants for one-on-one meetings with investors and VCs looking to spend the right kind of money in the right sector.

We’ll set aside a quiet space where pre-selected companies looking for funding and investors get to connect one-on-one to discuss their potential involvement.

What do developers say about Investor Connector?

What do investors say about Investor Connector?

How do I sign up?

Our Investor Connector event is an unparalleled opportunity for you to enjoy facilitated matchmaking with compatible investors looking for unique opportunities or promising new projects to invest in. Looking to take part? Don’t wait up until the last minute, let the matchmaking magic commence today and apply below! Keep in mind that you must be a registered Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki attendee to take part, so be sure to book your ticket if you haven’t already.

If you’re a developer or publisher looking to take part, go here.

If you’re an investor looking for exciting new opportunities, go here.

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 16, 2022. Apply now or mark your calendar to make sure you don’t miss the deadline!

Top investors are already signed up to take part including…

Endless matchmaking opportunities

Does Investor Connector sound great but not really what you’re looking for out of a matchmaking opportunity? Not to worry! PG Connects Helsinki has an array of varied fringe events, here’s a glimpse at them below…

Book your spot now!

To take advantage of some of our numerous matchmaking opportunities, you have to be a registered PG Connects Helsinki attendee. What are you waiting for? You can still save up to £150 with our limited time Mid-term offer if you act fast, so head over to our website now and grab your ticket today. Don’t miss out on these incredible one-on-one opportunities to connect – the earlier you sign up, the better!

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