Get a sneak peek at the star-studded speaker lineup for Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto!

Get a sneak peek at the star-studded speaker lineup for Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto!

Believe it or not, Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto is kicking off in just a little over a week now, and it’s gearing up to be an absolutely incredible two days in this brand new city. It’s the same conference you know and love in an entirely new city brimming with new opportunities, and we couldn’t be prouder to share with you just a few of the absolute powerhouses we have joining us as speakers next month. We can’t wait to see their wealth of expertise, wisdom and strategies shine through their sessions come July! 

These speakers are just some of the 120 global thought leaders from major games brands that will be joining us in Toronto this July 6 to 7. More than 750 games industry professionals from all around the globe will be descending upon Toronto in just over a week for two days packed full of networking opportunities, cutting-edge insights and wonderful times in an all-new city.

Today, we’re spotlighting some of the amazing speakers you can look forward to seeing lead our unmissable tracks, including our partner summit sessions under our Brands x Ads x Games Summit. These speakers are all world-renowned in their own right, and bring a wide array of varied expertises to the table – we can’t wait to hear more from them next month.

We also have a fabulous new track sponsored by the incredible team at Denuvo called Games Guardian! It’s all about anti-cheat, anti-hack, anti-tamper solutions. Everything you need to know to protect your games with security resources by Denuvo. Stay tuned for further details about this unmissable track coming soon!

Brands x Ads x Games Summit: Dive into the intersection of branding, advertising and games

As part of PG Connects Toronto, we’re running a two-day summit focusing on the intersection of branding, advertising and games.

Over the course of the summit, we’ll be demystifying the key developments, celebrating the great work already being done and showcasing the tremendous potential both now (with mobile and PC/console platforms) but also in the future as blockchain, XR and the metaverse gaming worlds grow.

The games industry is already THE biggest media landscape in the world with game playing and game adjacent content (e.g. Streamers, tips, wider games media) dominating the entertainment consumption of billions (including those hard to reach youth demographics) and in pure $ terms, already outweighing the music, film and TV industries combined (with a valuation of $200 - 350 billion depending on your chosen metrics!). It’s prime time to elevate the aspects of your marketing that can get you an even bigger slice of the pie.

This summit is designed to provide an introduction to various parts of the gaming landscape (from mobile and M&A to esports and blockchain games), highlight the specific opportunities for brands and advertising agencies, stimulate face-to-face connection with actual game developers, publishers and other companies and encourage opportunities for all involved.

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