Indie developers unite! Pitch your game to experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

Indie developers unite! Pitch your game to experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

Europe’s number one gaming conference is returning to North America for our next show, and this time, we’re treading uncharted territory into the diverse, dynamic city of Toronto.

It’s the show you know and love in a brand new city full of new opportunities and new frontiers. The next instalment in our Pocket Gamer Connects conference series will continue on the Pocket Gamer tradition of honouring and uplifting indie talent in every way we can, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you the opportunities we have lined up for indie talent at our upcoming Toronto conference this summer.

To recap, we’re bringing our globally loved Pocket Gamer Connects conference to Toronto on July 6-7. We will have over 750 game professionals from all around the world joining us at this unmissable b2b gaming conference to network, learn, strategise, collaborate and have an all-around wonderful time. We’re also welcoming over 150 of the gaming world’s leading authorities to shower us with their wisdom through insightful talks, panels and fireside chats. This conference will have an abundance of the world’s leading games companies in attendance such as Netflix Games, Electronic Arts, Google Firebase, and so, so many more. If you’re looking to take your career to the next level and connect with the global games industry all under one roof, there’s no better place to do so than a Pocket Gamer Connects conference.

If you are an indie developer currently working on a new game, we have a number of opportunities available to you at our conference. We have our Very Big Indie Pitch events lined up for you to get expert feedback in real time as well as an unparalleled opportunity for media coverage, a designated zone to show off your creations to keyholders in the industry and even a competition dedicated to increase accessibility to having a booth in that exclusive, highly-coveted expo zone. We have even more additional matchmaking events entirely dedicated to giving you that push to get to the next level in your career through finding funding or a publisher. We have pulled all stops to ensure that any indie developer attending our event can really take advantage of these opportunities and shine light on their games for the world at large.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Keep on reading to find out what’s lined up for you at this unmissable conference.
The Very Big Indie Pitch at Toronto

The Big Indie Pitch (PC + Console Edition)
Thursday, July 7

The Big Indie Pitch offers shortlisted developers a chance to impress some of the best experts the industry has to offer (including journalists, publishers, investors, and notable indies), answer questions and gather expert insight on their game.

Our unique speed dating format gives each developer 5 minutes with each panel of expert judges, meaning entrants will get real feedback from the event. The winners will also be covered across Steel Media’s network of websites (such as Pocket Gamer and PC Games Insider), making this a great chance to get your game up in lights.

The closing date for entries is Monday, June 27, 2022, but avoid disappointment as spots fill up fast – submit your game for consideration today. You can apply to pitch via this form.

The Big Indie Zone + Competition
The Big Indie Zone is an exclusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers and their games. It offers developers the chance to pre-book a 2-day demo table (including conference passes, making this an excellent value option) and present their awesome creation to fellow Connects delegates within a conducive setting.

The zone runs for the full duration of the two days and is always a vibrant and very popular segment of any Connects conference. Whether you’re a publisher looking for new talent, an investor in search of your next focus, a service provider keen to share the benefits of your tools, or even a developer hoping to exchange ideas with your contemporaries, swinging by The Big Indie Zone comes highly recommended.

This year, we’re running an exclusive competition where indie developers can enter a draw and potentially win a free expo table and tickets to attend the conference. To enter the draw, fill out this form.

What past Big Indie Pitch participants have to say…

“The process of Big Indie Pitch is smooth, intense and exciting. We only have very few minutes to present our game to judges. But this experience helped us to learn how to improve our presentation and how to draw attention from publishers within a limited amount of time. We are so happy to participate in this Big Indie Pitch and the experience is very valuable for us to move on in this industry.” - Billy Hui, Trefle & Co Game

“This was my second time and it was wonderful. I learned a lot the first time, went away to implement from the feedback and luckily, won the second time. It's a very comforting and smooth setup prepared for us indies and meeting each other is very fun indeed. I am really happy I took part in this and will be doing so with my future games too.” - Nakul Verma, Playbae

“Aside from building Miracle Tea’s pitching mileage, morale and confidence in our game. Big Indie Pitch has already opened up a handful of opportunities with publishers and press. We got put in contact with the charity organisation Safe In Our World who’s currently writing us a piece on Ruya and Alula as a result of a meeting we had from the PGC Digital #4 event in early November. This wouldn’t have happened without Big Indie Pitch so thank you! Beyond this, we still hope to gain contact with potential platforms and investors to help grow further support for Alula and see us launch on time.” - Bradley Smith, Miracle Tea

“It's a great way to focus on what's most important in my game. I get excited about Unnatural Disaster, so it's easy to go on about it. But the pitch lasts just 5 minutes. I had to jump right in with the pillars of my game, what makes it stand out, and highlight the most compelling parts. Which is coincidentally exactly what you need for good marketing! And on the subject of honest feedback, it's hard to beat a Shark Tank full of video game publishers. I've done the Big Indie Pitch twice now, and meeting the other developers in the waiting room was a highlight both times. The first time we ended up introduced to a bunch of devs we didn't know right in our own backyard. The second became an impromptu game trailer review, with everyone sharing their videos and suggesting improvements. It was really insightful!” - Kevin Tarchenski, Rumor Games

“I liked meeting such a diverse group of developers from all over the world, all in different time zones, and being able to come together to share our work, our passion with the judges. I highly recommend this to my fellow entrepreneurs. There's an intrinsically satisfying quality to having your work judged. When I'm working through a marathon sprint, I'm hyper-critical of my work and often worry about whether or not it's good enough.
It's validating to receive feedback, to be recognised by industry experts, to feel that your work creates the kind of impact that you intended. It's also valuable to get realistic calibrations from the judges on what I should expect and what I should consider doing to improve.” - Ross Przybylski, D20 Studios

A word from our awesome Big Indie Pitch Manager

Big Indie Pitch Manager Sophia Audrey Drake voiced the team’s delight with the successes of past BIP events and excitement for the upcoming Toronto edition; “As the Big Indie Pitch Manager I am so excited that we are once again back on the road helping developers and showcasing amazing new games. It was awesome to see everyone at our flagship pitch in London, and to be able to once again host the pitch in Seattle. Next up will be our first ever Big Indie Pitch in Toronto, and I am excited to see what developers and games will be pitched to our panel of industry experts.

In addition to this, I am also super proud of the digital pitches we have hosted in recent years. These have allowed us to offer even more developers the opportunity to showcase their upcoming games regardless of their individual situation. These will definitely be continuing, with numerous digital pitches planned throughout the year.

Of course, the pitch has that competition element, and we have prizes for the top three which include interviews, being highlighted on our websites, and free tickets and expo space to upcoming shows. However, what I am most proud about is that every single developer that pitches not only gets an opportunity to refine their pitching skills and showcase their game, but also the chance to learn more about their game through feedback that is received both during the pitch, and after in the form of written feedback. I always say this, but as long as the amazing indie community continues to find the event valuable then I feel my work is done.”

Submit your game today

Ready to get some real-time feedback from judges, invaluable media coverage and possibly earn the highly coveted game prize? Now’s the time to submit your game for consideration to pitch at our upcoming Toronto show. Please note that you must be a registered Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto attendee to participate, so book your ticket over on our official website today before you submit your game! If you act fast, you can take advantage of our Mid-term offer and enjoy up to $220 CAD off your ticket.

Once you’re registered and ready to go, please submit your game for consideration through this form. We strongly recommend that you get your games sent in ASAP, since the sooner you enter, the better a chance you have at being shortlisted. The closing date for entries is on Monday, June 27, 2022, but the sooner you submit your game, the better!

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