Super Rare Games launching Originals publishing label

Super Rare Games launching Originals publishing label

Super Rare Games is rolling out a brand new publishing label called Super Rare Originals.

The outfit will be releasing indie projects on both PC and console, and already has five titles under its belt. Those are 2D platformer Grapple Dog, arcade shooter Post Void, puzzle game The Gecko Gods, roguelike Lone Ruin and the surreal and cartoony Completely Stretchy.

Super Rare was previously a physical games publisher focused on bringing titles to Nintendo Switch.

"Our mission statement has always been about supporting talented indies of all scales, which we see this as the natural expansion of. Our passion for physical games and effective preservation is, of course, going nowhere," the firm said.

"Having worked with 100s of developers across the last 4 years, we want to support talented indie devs long-term and hopefully help to start changing the industry to be more developer focused. We're taking an 'indie-first' approach, as we believe publishers should feel honoured to work with developers, rather than the power dynamic being the other way around, as is often the case.

"We only sign games we are genuinely, personally passionate about; as with all aspects of our business, our main motivator is simply wanting to work on cool things with cool people! While we hope to change the lives of our dev friends, even if a game were to release and break even, we'd still consider it a success to have worked on something awesome and continue to support the game and its developer long-term."

Super Rare has recently hired some big names, including Curve Digital co-founder Jason Perkins and Supermassive producer Tom King.

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